Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

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In my many years as a trainer, I have carried out many projects for companies of various sizes and in many industries. These include publicly-traded companies such as Daimler AG and Zalando SE as well as medium-sized companies such as idealo and the Streletzki Group.

If you have specific idea and are wondering if and where I have carried out similar projects as the one you planned before, please contact me! I will gladly provide you with the answers to help you decide.


You should know the following customer voices:

  • “I met Bettina Gierke eight years ago in her position as Sales Manager. When I saw her for the first time, she gave a presentation at an internal meeting. I was fascinated! Bettina was very professional, calm, balanced, and looked perfect.

    When I met her again three years ago, she was already self-employed. I faced a major professional challenge and needed help. I needed someone who understood my professional environment, has experienced a lot, and had already proven herself. Looking back, I can say that I chose Bettina not only for her professionalism, but also because I knew I could trust her.

    With Bettina’s competent support, I have been able to master my professional and personal challenges very well. I especially liked that she works on request with hypnosis.

    For me, you have been the best choice. Goal-oriented, honest and humane. A real pro! I recommend her from the heart immediately!!!”

    – Desislava Dimitrova-Kirov, Head of International Sales Organization, LIDL

  • “I asked Ms. Gierke to create a qualification program for my already very experienced team. Ms. Gierke has held several seminars for our sales force on “Selling successfully”. Many participants came to me afterwards and enthusiastically shared the pleasant atmosphere and the many helpful things that Ms. Gierke has taught.”

    Karsten Grums, Head of Field Service at fit GmbH

  • “Practice-oriented, interactive and exciting! Bettina Gierke combines practical examples with convincing theoretical background knowledge! That’s exactly what you want from a seminar!”

    – Daniel Fedrowitz, Sales Representative of  Ferrero Deutschland GmbH

  • “Absolutely personal, friendly, and practice-oriented personnel development. Ms. Gierke has supported our company in ​​active selling and customer loyalty, showing a great deal empathy to our employees and helping them respond even better to the needs and desires of our customers.”

    – Nicole Ristic, Head of Trade BIO COMPANY GmbH

Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

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