Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

My Services for Executives

Managers have a special role in the company, with great responsibility for the employees and influence on the company's greater success. As a business coach and former manager, the development of your leadership skills is close to my heart. I would like to help guide your managers towards becoming the best they can be.

Executive Training & Coaching

I offer leadership training for small groups delivered as communication and behavior training, workshops or webinars.

Sessions are bookable as individual training or modular management training programs. The learning process is interactive, taking place in a pleasant atmosphere at a  location of your choice.

Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte


Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

Modules of Management Development

Are you looking for a single seminar or would you like comprehensive, structured and sustainable training for your company’s executives? My coaching services can include the following modules, which you can book either individually or in combination.

1. From Co-worker to Supervisor

  • Master change successfully
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a manager
  • Understand key success factors
  • Avoid common pitfalls

2. Remote Leadership

  • Success factors for leading remotely
  • Building trust in a remote team
  • Achieving outcomes at a distance
  • (Re)organize communication by using the right tools

3. Conduct Employee Appraisals

  • Structure and guidelines for employee appraisals
  • Preparation for meeting
  • Use key approaches to ensure successful execution
  • Follow up with effective “postprocessing” techniques

4. Successful Team Leadership

  • Know the stages of team development
  • Build the right framework for efficient teamwork
  • Establish successful team control
  • Carry out effective team meetings

5. Conflict Management

  • Recognize and understand conflicts
  • Understand conflict styles
  • Use effective conflict communication
  • Manage and resolve conflicts

6. Leadership 4.0

  • Applying methods of agile leadership
  • How to Scrum
  • Use “ambidextrous” guidance
  • How to use Design thinking in your everyday leadership
Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte


Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

Advantages of Systematic Development

  • Increase employer attractiveness
  • Increase of work efficiency and employee motivation
  • Prevent skill shortages by developing internal competencies
  • Increase competitiveness through a sustainable and healthy corporate and performance culture

Customer Testimonials

  • "I met Bettina Gierke eight years ago in her position as Sales Manager. When I saw her for the first time, she gave a presentation at an internal meeting. I was fascinated! Bettina was very professional, calm, balanced, and looked perfect.

    When I met her again three years ago, she was already self-employed. I faced a major professional challenge and needed help. I needed someone who understood my professional environment, has experienced a lot, and had already proven herself. Looking back, I can say that I chose Bettina not only for her professionalism, but also because I knew I could trust her.

    With Bettina's competent support, I have been able to master my professional and personal challenges very well. I especially liked that she works on request with hypnosis.

    For me, you have been the best choice. Goal-oriented, honest and humane. A real pro! I recommend her from the heart immediately!!!"

    - Desislava Dimitrova-Kirov, Head of International Sales Organization, LIDL

  • "I asked Ms. Gierke to create a qualification program for my already very experienced team. Ms. Gierke has held several seminars for our sales force on "Selling successfully". Many participants came to me afterwards and enthusiastically shared the pleasant atmosphere and the many helpful things that Ms. Gierke has taught."

    - Karsten Grums, Head of Field Service at fit GmbH

  • "This has been the first seminar for a long time that has really helped me."

    - Department head at a trading company

  • "When I came, I thought, what should an old hand like me learn here? You have definitely taught me a lesson!"

    - Department head at a trading company

Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

Not just satisfied participants, but also measurable results!

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