Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

My services for your team

Good teams are much more efficient than individuals! As a team development expert, I help teams achieve their goals in a state of comfortable and respectful collaboration. I offer team coaching, conflict coaching, workshops and moderated team meetings with individual content. The interactive work takes place on site in a pleasant atmosphere. implementation of Upon request, I can use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to facilitate these workshops.

When is team development worthwhile?

Team development can be offered in different situations. The possible topics include:

Compilation of a new team

Getting to know each other, building trust and finding common rules of the game for optimal cooperation are at the forefront here. The goal is to help the team to become able to work quickly.

Supervision for self-organized teams

Guide your team in the gradual development of self-organization and management. The goal is to optimally organize cooperation without (formal) leadership.

Team development during conflicts

Empathize with the causes and solutions to conflicts. Together, we develop alternative behaviors to return to a state of respectful collaboration.

Teams getting a new supervisor

Teambuilding helps to develop values ​​together with a new supervisor, significantly accelerating the team's growth.

Strengthening cooperation in existing teams

We start with a location assessment. Where is the team today? Afterwards, we will work together on the question: "How can we, as a team, work together even more successfully in the future?"

Change Management for teams

Changes often represents a team’s greatest challenge. This team workshop helps to dissolve resistance within the team, to find a common orientation, and to break new ground together.

Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte


Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

Benefits for your team

Investing in this action oriented team building will help your team to:

  • Find their individual team purpose
  • Understand why and where collaboration will help to achieving better results
  • Developing a plan for how they will sustain the progress made within the workshop
  • Work together more effectively

Customer Testimonials

  • “It was very pleasant to work with you. I was surprised how much progress we could make in such a short time!” Feedback from Team Building Workshop"

    - Feedback from Team Building Workshop

  • "Today I realized how much we have already reached within this team. Thank you for helping me realize this!"

    - Feedback from Team Building Workshop

Bettina Gierke Coach für Personalentwicklung und Führungskräfte

Not just satisfied participants, but also measurable results!

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